Fasti - fasting tracker is a mobile app that let you track fasting time, weight and body measures! Simple and easy to use. Start fasting and watch body fat melting!

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fasti fasting tracker

Tracking fast and weight was never so fun

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fasti - fasting tracker
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fasting - weight loss
Track fast in realtime. Edit start time anytime.
Track your weight yourney.
Compare fasting times with weight loss.
Check fasting statistics inside app. Edit pasts anytime.
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fasting custom fast
fasting widget
Visualise weight statistics.
You can even track body measures!
Widget allows users to track fasting time left even without looking inside app.

Why is Fasti the best fasting app?

Simple interface

Start or end fast notifications

Tracks weight.

Provides a nice widget so you do not have to check app all the time.

Custom fasts

Change start or end time

Enable longer fasts

Shows statistics

Full developer support

Syncs data with server

Print data from PC

Go Premium account and sync your data to the web. Get a more advanced statistics from your PC, print data and enjoy Ad free app version.

fasting custom fast
fasting custom fast

Discover the easy way of lossing weight!

Our app is available on Android devices! Download now to get started!

fasti - fasting tracker